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Sales Growth for Consultancy Firms

Improve your focus, increase your confidence, and win more business.

I can help if you are …

The owner of a firm that sells expert, knowledge-led, services.

Generating good revenues with serious ambitions for growth.

Fed up with inconsistent results, ghosting, and lack of control.


Having issues that are significant, urgent, or attention worthy.

Willing to rethink sales strategy and client interactions.

Ready to change and implement outcome-based solutions.


Get the best support available to win high-value consultancy projects.

You're busy, so let's keep this brief.

I help consultants win business for themselves - by improving their ability to find, develop, and close new projects.

You'll find plenty of straightforward and practical sales briefings on this site designed specifically for time-starved consultants.

To arrange a discreet, informal, conversation and find out more please get in touch.

Improvements clients achieve include:
  • Connecting with hard to reach prospects
  • Turning ‘Interesting meetings’ into sales
  • Eliminating low-value projects and clients
  • Creating unexpected business value
  • Developing value-based proposals
  • Strategies to manage and develop key accounts
  • Designing sales campaigns that win